The Pitch

Third and final step…. This is where I convince you that I will excel in this field, that this is the field that will suit my personality and my well-being most….so here comes the pitch.

Reflecting back on my personality results and my own deductions about myself here are my own strengths that will pair up well with an Advertising/Marketing career. I take enjoyment out of meeting, communicating, and building relationships with diverse individuals. I possess great energy for the activities and projects I am involved with. I have a keen eye for detail, and am hard-working, organized, and team oriented. The latter suits best for the work I plan on doing. I personally work hard as a cooperative team member. I am organized and follow through on all my projects with great time management, responsibility, and productivity. If you’re still not convinced, read on.

My own skills and the work activities of an adverting or marketing manager complement each other. It takes active listening, social perceptiveness, time management, critical thinking, communicating with others to succeed in this field. These skills together with my dependability, attention to detail, imagination, adaptability, and flexibility will lead me to thrive in this field.

And if I fall short on possessing a certain skill, you better believe that I will work hard to achieve it. For now, I will have my enthusiasm make up the difference.


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