The Dream

The second step for me is picking a career path. I have thought long and hard about this, changing my mind a million times, and just when I thought I have found the answer–it wasn’t right. However, with the help of the resources I have found on my own campus and the interviews I have conducted with professionals in diverse fields, I have come upon a career path I have grown to be interested in. A career in Advertising/Marketing.

This field offers a stable and traditional work environment where my hard work and contributions will be felt. It will be work where I will be able to see the tangible results of my efforts and its positive effects on people. This will also offer me the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships by working with a variety of people on a day to day basis.

Additionally, here is a list of the activities that most excite me about pursuing this career path:

  • Planning programs to generate interest in a product or service (which simultaneously exposes the teamwork that is needed in this field as on a daily basis there is a need to work with art directors, sales agents, financial staff members, and peers)
  • Inspecting layouts and other promotional material (I consider myself a perfectionist so an eye for detail is already a trait I have developed)
  • Plan and prepare advertising promotional material (planning and organizing are things that stand high on my ability chart)
  • Confer with clients to provide marketing advice (as long as it involves contact with amazing individuals count me in)

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