The Deconstruction

Getting to know myself is by far the most important project of my college career. Without this essential first step, how am I to know what I want out of a future career?

Thanks to my college experience, I have been able to deconstruct myself, my personality, my desires, and my dreams. Through this deconstruction and a couple helping hands of The Myers & Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory, I was able to solidify the knowledge of my own traits, skills, and strengths.

The MBTI classified me into a category of ESFJ signifying extroversion, sensing, feeling, and judging. Accordingly, I focus my attention on the outer world, I take information through the five senses focusing on here and now, I make decision based on my values and subjective concerns, and I take a planned and organized approach to life. The latter sentence gave me a new way to look at myself; however, here is some things I already knew: I am conscientious and loyal, I focus on the needs of others, and I am sociable, enthusiastic, energetic, and insanely organized.

The Strong Interest Inventory put light on the Social, Enterprising, and Artistic part of my personality. It showed me that my interest are clustered around people, teamwork, business, leadership, and self-expression. Whereas, my skills and values are within verbal ability, listening, cooperation, marketing, communication, culture, and creativity.

In the end, my road of deconstructing myself led me to value close relationships, helping others, security, and challenge when it comes to a future career path.


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